Do you ever look around a room in your home and think something is missing????  Well, that was definitely the case with my master bathroom!  We have been living in our home now for 5 years and I finally figured it out!  Better late than never, right????

There is this ledge around the main ceiling and it always seemed kind of boring to me but I had no idea what to do with it or where to begin!  I got to thinking that maybe this is all it can and ever will be and that less is more.   Since other rooms were getting my full attention, I seemed to ignore that empty, boring space and just accepted it the way it was.

The style of our master bathroom is modern farmhouse and cottage style mixed together.  One of the main focal points in this room are the square white vessel sinks.  It is accessorized with farmhouse décor, slated floor tile, white cabinets, gray blue walls and brushed nickel lighting and fixtures.  However, that empty space above was still nagging me to make it beautiful!

So…I thought, why not bring some more farmhouse décor into the upper part of this room.

I gathered an old ladder, a couple of shutters, a vintage colander, an old crate top, a piece of barn wood, old bottles and of course, baskets!  I love decorating with baskets!!!!  Listing all those items out, sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it but I love how it turned out!  Now when I look up to the once empty, boring space, I see textures, warmth, interest and all things I love!

My best advice when decorating a space is to just try it.  Go with your gut and it usually turns out the way you want it to.



Master Bath project 1.jpg

Master Bath project 2

Master Bath project 4

Master Bath project 5