I don’t know what my fascination is with cubbies but it’s real!  I’m not talking about baby bears or the baseball team either-lol!  I’m talking about cubbies that are used as home décor, especially the ones that usually hang on a wall or styled on a shelf.

I found this particular one last week at a primitive antique store and fell in love with it.  I love the sage color and the writing on some of the cubby holes that hints it was used as a tool or nuts and bolts holder.  Some of the writing is so old it’s hard to make out what it says and that makes me love it even more.  It is fun finding a piece with history even if you’re not sure what that history was!  I started styling it today, playing around with items I already have.  I’m wanting to hang this on one of my kitchen walls but I’ll have to see what works.  Well, it didn’t work so not sure where I’m going to put this but I will definitely find a spot for it.

Cubby sage green.jpg

While cubbies are known to be for storage or used as storage units, the farmhouse craze has really made them popular for using as home décor and/or to be used to display home décor.  A lot of times, nesting boxes are used too.  I like to fill them with my favorite items and then use greenery or florals to soften the look.  I never fill all cubbies because I like to balance the items out.  I used the little rustic galvanized buckets with some old used paint brushes placed in one for more of a “farmhouse” feel and I love the way it turned out.  I also have a cubby that we keep in our finished basement/rec-bar area and it’s used to hold wine bottles and cool corks.

The picture below is one that I found on Pinterest.  Not sure who the photo credit should go to but it is so beautiful!  This actually looks more like a large vintage nesting box.  Whatever the case, I love it and the distressed paint even reflects more charm and character.  It looks like this is in a bathroom and that’s probably where I’d keep it.  I love how it is accessorized with all the scrumptious vintage décor.

cubby on pinterest

This was just a fun little project I worked on and wanted to share a couple of styling ideas with you all.  Hope you enjoyed!  I have more cubbies that I’m working on and will post those as they’re styled.  I’m putting a couple of them to sell in my vendor booths as well.

Thanks for joining me again and have a great night 🙂




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