Hey everyone!  I’m back and ready to go and be current and regular on this blogging business!  So, let’s get started!!!

A lot of you might wonder, what the heck is a “vignette”?  Well, I’ll be happy to tell you!!  A vignette, in decorating, is usually a small grouping of objects that creates a focal point.  Of course, you’d want to add some of your favorite pieces to your vignette so that it is pleasing to your home and house guests.  Vignettes are an awesome decorating tool because they’re affordable, ever-changing…if desired and they bring character and charm to any space.  I’m going to give you some tips that I have used when creating a vignette in my home or a client’s home.  Are you ready?  Let’s go….

Selecting Your Space

First, you’ll need to decide where you want to create/display your vignette.  I like to use entryway tables, fireplace mantles, coffee and side tables.  They are easier to decorate and are always changeable!  When styling your side or entryway tables, you will usually have a staple, such as a lamp to work around.  Here’s a lamp on my entryway table.  Although it isn’t the focal point, it is still something I have to work around and make sure the other items I’m using are complimentary to the lamp.

Decorating with Neutrals.JPG

Choosing your accessories and anchor item

When starting this process, I walk around my home and find items that I feel would compliment each other.  I start with choosing an “anchor item” since all the other items are going to be based on this.   A great anchor item example would be like a large vase, piece of art, candle or mirror.  Here is an example of a vignette in my home:

Vignette example.jpg

As you can see, I used the wooden signs/wall art as my anchor item(s).  I wanted to go with something neutral so that my accessories could be more colorful without taking away from the focal point.  Notice, that all of the colorful items are somewhat muted to stay with the neutral vibe I have going on in this vignette.  I love using different textures, greenery and items of different heights to add depth to vignettes.  There is a lot going on in this one but the table is long so it gives balance to this room.  Never be afraid of trying new items and rearranging.  I am constantly rearranging things in my home.  It drives my husband crazy but it makes me happy and I tell him it’s better than spending money on buying new stuff.  LOL!!!

Here is an example of a vignette displayed on my fireplace mantle.  This is probably one of my favorites.  Why, you might ask?!  Lets break this down.  The magnolia wreath is the focal point so I wanted to use items that added height and interest to this space.  This is where the windmill comes into play!  I love windmills and I used half of one to give height on the one side plus the galvanized metal looks great up against the greenery of the wreath.  For balance, I added a taller wooden vase with wooden flowers to the other side.  The smaller items are all mixed in to add textures, tones and once again, depth.  I just love the outcome of all the muted tones and neutrals.  The colored glass bottles add enough “pop” of color to add even more interest and beauty.  It all just came together when I started rearranging the items.  Believe me, it wasn’t done on the first try so don’t give up.

Vignette on mantle.jpg

The last vignette I’m sharing today is one of the walls from my master bedroom.  Can you guess which piece is my focal point?  Yes, it is the huge wall art.  This is one big wall and there needed to be something underneath the picture.  I opted for an old chippy white shelf that brings out the painted white flowers.  I didn’t want to add anything too tall on the shelf or it would take away from the wall art so I stayed with smaller items.    Isn’t it pretty?!

Vignette with wall art and shelf.jpg

Grouping of Items

It’s all about getting that anchor item in place and then grouping your items how they are visually appealing to you.  I usually try and group my items in odd numbers as they seem to look better than in pairs.  Not always, but most of the time.  Also, balance needs to be maintained in order for your vignette to be pleasing to the eye.


Once you have your items placed.  Stand back and take a moment to look at your vignette.  So many times, I start over or make what seems like a kajillion changes before I’m satisfied.  That is the great thing about vignettes, they’re not permanent and can be easily modified or changed completely.  Have fun and decorate, decorate, decorate…

As always, thank you for joining me!  Please let me know what you think of this blog or if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!!!






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