Hey everyone!  Hope everyone is having a good day and thank you for taking the time to hop over to my blog!  I’m sitting in our sunroom with the windows open and the breeze feels so good!  I love hearing the wind chimes so I thought this would be a great place to sit and get my blog mojo going!  However, we’re supposed to be getting severe weather later today so hopefully everyone in this storm’s path will remain safe.

My post today is regarding an impulse makeover that I decided to take on.  Have you ever had a piece of furniture you’ve had for a while and even though you loved it when you purchased it, the time has come for a change?!  I’ll blame this one on Pinterest-lol!  Let me explain.

About a year ago, I was antiquing and saw these cool vintage postal lockers.  I knew they’d look awesome in our finished basement which we have turned into a bar/recreational/theater room.  They would also be great for holding swimming pool items with our swimming pool being right outside the walkout basement door.  Here is a picture of the lockers before the transformation.  Aren’t they cool?  I love the vintage look and the numbered tags even add more charm.  Plus, my father worked and retired from the postal service so this made them even more special to me.


These lockers have been a great addition to our home and I am still so glad we bought them!  But, if any of you follow me or have read previous posts on my blog, you will know that I’m kind of a painting freak.  I love to paint, not only for the reason that I find it therapeutic but also because it is amazing what a little paint can do to a piece of furniture, wall, home décor, etc.  If only I hadn’t come across several versions of metal lockers that had an older distressed, colorful and vintage appeal on Pinterest, these would probably have stayed this way for some time.  The one that captured my attention and gave me the inspiration is pictured below.   I just love how this screams VINTAGE!


Since our finished basement has light greyish blue walls and white trim, I wanted to keep our lockers mostly dark gray with some colors added to it.  I started with a really light coat of white chalk spray paint.  It was interesting to see where the paint chose to stick to the metal.  I forgot to take a picture of all the lockers once spray painted but you can definitely see the difference from the first locker on the left to the other two.  As always, I start out testing one to see if I’m going to like it.  That way I can keep going or make some changes to get the desired look.  As you can tell, I had already added the other colors…brown, dark gray and sage green to the white to make the comparison.  Note, I used a paint brush to add the colors since they were going to be sporadically placed.  The colors chosen were ones that I wanted to help give a rusty vintage look.





















Once all three were painted with the different colors, it was time to sand.  I loved using a sander on these lockers because of the different effect it gave to each one.  I really tried to make the postal numbers look old by using brown paint to resemble rust and sanded the heck out of that area.


I love the result and so happy to have been inspired to try something different than what I am used to.  I’m going to be changing out the wire baskets on top to baskets to give a softer look to the metal.

Thank you all for joining me in sharing in this little adventure.  It was fun but a lot of work!  The great thing about this chalk paint project is that the chalk paint even dried quicker when applied to metal than my usual wood painting projects.  Let me know what you all think.  I’m always open to hear back from my readers on suggestions, comments, ideas, etc.





























































































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