Hey everyone!  Happy Friday!!!  It has been a gorgeous day here in Kansas City and my husband and I worked on our backyard and pool to have it ready for our son’s graduation party from high school in two weeks!  I can’t believe he is turning 18 and graduating all this month!  It’s exciting, yet it really makes you look back and realize how this life goes so fast and how important it is to focus on what really matters!  Okay, I’m turning off the sentimental mom side and getting to the topic at hand…my mantle makeover!!!

Do you ever just get bored, like bored to death with a certain room or the décor in that room?  Well, that is what happened to me today.  I was tired of looking at my tired mantle.  Get what I did there??  So, I got an itch to change it up and that’s exactly what I did.  My tired looking mantle got a new fresh makeover.

Decorating your mantle can be somewhat challenging!  After all, the fireplace is usually the focal point of a room so you definitely want your mantle to be aesthetically pleasing.  The way you decorate your mantle is ultimatley a reflection of your style so have fun with it!

I always start with a clean slate and look at it as if it were my canvas displaying my artwork.  Therefore, you want to create balance in that space so your décor is in scale and doesn’t overshadow it.  The best way to do that is playing around with the objects you plan on using in order to find the right textures, colors and shapes.  This will help you achieve the correct balance of décor in proportion with your mantle.

Here are some guidelines I hope you find useful when decorating your mantle.  Remember to go with your style and choose items that reflect who you are and go with the personality of your home.  As an example, my home décor is what I’d call country cottage style.  Therefore, I wouldn’t want to put all modern décor on my mantle.  Yes, it could be mixed in with country cottage but you wouldn’t want to go with a completely different style in one area.  Hope that makes sense?!

  • Adding greenery or florals is a great way to soften a mantle since most are made of stone, brick or other chunky material.  Using a vase can help add height or just placing them directly on the mantle for an easy flow.
  • Use wall art or pictures on your mantle.  If you have a large piece of art or a picture, it makes a great bold statement of your taste.
  • Mirrors can provide such beauty to a mantle.  It also helps your room look brighter and larger.
  • Add candles and or candlesticks for height, color and dimension.  Candlesticks are easy to stagger so they’re great to use for decorating any space.
  • Mix things up by switching out smaller pieces every once in a while.  It can make that space look totally different and fresh!
  • If both your budget and time allows, seasonal decorating would be ideal!  Seriously though, that can get expensive!  Whatever your budget and style, decorating for the season is a great way to keep your mantle from becoming boring.  Personally, the only season, I decorate my mantle for is Christmas but that’s just me.

Here is “the before” picture of my mantle.   I used a Magnolia wreath in the center to add softness to the mirror.  Notice, I also used florals in vases with different heights to create depth and height.   One of my favorite pieces of art (my modern piece) was incorporated into the country cottage theme going on throughout my home.  Adding different textures also adds interest, depth and warmth to a space.  Look at all the different textures on my mantle.  Wouldn’t it be boring if I just used the same texture throughout? (i.e., using nothing but glass or just greenery/florals)  Mix it up and have dimension in your space!


Below is “the after” picture of my makeover mantle.  I prefer this one so much more.  Maybe, I was just getting bored with “the before” but I love the way “the after” turned out.  if you really compare the two, “the after” is a lot more interesting and colorful.  I knew I wanted to keep the Magnolia wreath where it was so I worked around that.  To add more height, I used my windmill blades by laying them sideways so they would create a vertical illusion.  Remember balance?  That’s where the wooden vase with florals comes into play.  I needed to add balance to the other side so I chose a tall wooden vase with some high stemmed wooden flowers.  On the side of the windmill, I went with a smaller stone pillar to display a piece of pottery.  Notice, I used the same modern piece of art for an electic mix and then used the green and blue vintage glass bottles to add a pop of color.  There’s also a piece of architectural salvage, vintage fishing weights and a faux plant used to showcase pieces I love and my decorative style.   Look at all the colors, textures and shapes going on in this space.


I’m very pleased with this makeover.  Who knows how long this one will last!!  I hope you like or should I say really love this post and that you find it helpful if you’re thinking of decorating your mantle or making it over.

As always, I would love to hear your comments, thoughts, ideas, etc.  If you’re liking what you’re reading, make sure to press the FOLLOW button so you receive all my posts and updates!  Thanks again for joining me!  Until we meet again….




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