Hello friends!  Sorry it took me so long to get this post on here but sometimes life gets in the way!  All is good though so let’s get to it.  I recently shared the below photo of some new pillows and how I styled them on Instagram and Facebook.  I received such positive feedback that I thought, “decorating with pillows” would be a great topic to blog about!  As you can see in this picture, our couch is a taupe/brown and the room itself has a lot of neutral going on.  I wanted to add some white to this space for some softness.  The texture and design of these pillows also adds softness so this was a win, win design decision!


Decorating with Pillows is such an easy way to add life into a specific space or entire room with little effort and is usually inexpensive when you compare it to repainting, restyling or buying new furniture, etc.    Yes, throw pillows can be expensive but the key to me, is only buying a few at a time and using the more expensive pillows in areas of your home that will generally be used, such as a sofa or your bedroom.  The saying, “you get what you pay for” is so true in this case.  In general, your more expensive pillows hold up better as compared to the less expensive ones.  I usually buy the less expensive pillows for décor such as using them in baskets, trays, on a shelf or sitting on a non-used piece of furniture.  The pictures below shows examples of how these are styled throughout my home.

Look how simple this farmhouse look is achieved by adding a couple of pillows to an old basket.  So easy and cute at the same time.

IMG_3891 (2).PNG

Here’s an example of placing a pillow on a piece of furniture and in an old vintage bucket that isn’t used other than just as décor.  The pillows add warmth and softness to this space.

IMG_3890 (2)

Here’s an illustration of how just adding some home jewelry (aka boho beads) to a pillow can bring out a color.  The blue beads bring out the faint blue striping of the pillow I have styled in this basket.  Pretty cool, huh?

Pillow with boho beads

You may have noticed (being sarcastic here) that I tend to navigate towards neutral pillows but I really do like color-lol!!  Adding solid pillows with a bold color really give your space the punch it may need to come back to life!  I tend to try and pull colors from patterns that are either in a rug, upholstered furniture or other home décor.  You definitely want to use that color as an accent throughout your space.  There’s nothing like a vibrant color to add zest to your room.  A throw pillow is an easy way to achieve this without going crazy!  Here’s an example from our sunroom which has a rustic vibe going on.  Since the couch is a vibrant burgundy, I chose patterned pillows that have the same burgundy hue with a variety of other colors mixed in that are easy to match.  Adding a throw that matches one of the colors in the patterned pillows brings the look all together.


Here are a few tips for choosing pillows that you want to style in your home:

  • Choose the right size!  You don’t want your pillows to overshadow your furniture or the piece you are displaying them in.  The same could be said for pillows that are too small.   Small pillows should definitely be used in a group, not alone.
  • If you have an array of pillows on your sofa, you should buy different sizes, shapes and textures, and a few patterned ones if the others are mostly one color.  You could really mix it up with pillows that have words or numbers on them.  Those seem to be really popular right now and they add a lot of charm and personality to a room.
  • You can never go wrong with neutral colored pillows.  A trick is to buy them in the same hue so it creates warmth and volume.
  • If you’re like me, I always want my pillows to look fresh and fluffy!  A drab pillow or pillows that are flat and look dirty make your space look the same way.
  • Slip covered pillows are the way to go if you can.  They’re easy to wash and change out for each season.
  • Never think you have too many pillows!  I admit, I am a pillow addict and you can find them almost everywhere in my house, except maybe the bathrooms.  They can dress up a room, add color and texture.

Yes, today has been all about pillow love.  I just can’t help myself!  When styling them, if it doesn’t seem right or look right to you, then it isn’t!  I always say, “go with your gut” and that pertains to interior styling as well!  Hope today’s read has been a pleasant one for you and that you find this helpful and somewhat amusing!  I would love to answer questions, hear comments, etc.

I think my next pillow post will be about my favorite ones and finds.  Who’s with me on this one?  Stay tuned………………………



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