Hey everyone!  Glad you decided to join me and read about my latest chalk painting project.  This project was different for me because I experienced in using not only the Amy Howard brand chalk paint but also the Amy Howard cracked patina!  Let me tell you, they are both superior products in my book!  The smoothness of her chalk paint is key…not too thick and the cracked patina is easy to use and less is definitely more when applying!  These are always good features when selecting a chalk paint and patina because they both go a long way!

Below is a picture of the “before and after”.  Talk about bringing beauty and life back to a vintage buffet, WOW!   It’s almost hard to believe they are the same piece of furniture!  It is amazing what a little paint and creative vision can do.

Before pic of vintage buffet.jpg

Finished vintage buffet front view


  1. Wipe down original piece with dry cloth or towel to remove any dust or cobwebs.
  2. Start painting (the fun part) the first coat.  You will want to use the lightest color first.  I painted a light coat of basic white.
  3. Let the first coat dry.  One of the great things about chalk paint is that it dries quickly!
  4. Once the first coat is dry, apply the cracked patina.  You want to use the “less is more” theory when using the cracked patina as a little goes a long way!  I used a paint brush to apply a light coat over the entire piece.
  5. Let the patina dry.  I let it dry for about 2 hours and made sure there wasn’t any stickiness to the touch before I began painting again.
  6. Your second coat of paint will be the darker coat of the two.  I used French Linen (gray hue).  As you paint the second coat, you will see the patina doing its work once the paint starts drying.  You need to then take a dry paint brush and kind of pull the paint in a straight line.   A lot depends on the look you are wanting to achieve.  Once you are done with the second coat, let it dry.
  7. After the second coat is completely dry, take a round waxing brush to apply the wax.  Using a wax helps seal and protect the paint.  I used a brown antiquing wax to give the buffet more of an older and aged appearance.  I dabbed it lightly on and around the nooks, seams and handles.  I also applied the wax to the overall piece so the consistency was uniform.  If you ever feel like you accidently dab to much wax on a certain spot, I suggest using a dry cloth to wipe it down.  It’ll spread the wax out.
  8. You’re DONE!!!  YAY!!!  You now have brought a drab old piece of furniture back to life and it’s beautiful!!!!!

NOTE:  I tried to sand the top of the buffet and it did not do well with the cracked patina. It just smudged the paint.  So, I just dabbed some paint over those spots and it covered up the smudge marks.  This was really the only mistake I had to cover up.

To me, the worst mistake you can make, is being intimidated by the thought of painting and treating a piece of furniture and end up not doing it.  Remember, it’s just paint and you can always start over.

There are so many tips and ideas via google, you tube videos, etc. to assist in these types of projects!  Go research and have fun.  Let the creative juices flow, my friends!

Thanks again for joining me.  If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear back from you.




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