Yes, I know….MORE spring decorating!!  I can’t help myself.  Spring is such a beautiful time here in the Midwest with all the Bradford pears in bloom, the smell of fresh cut grass and of course, the endless chirping of birds!  A time of rebirth and new blooms in every aspect of your life.

Since I can’t live outside, I try and bring as much of a spring-like atmosphere as I realistically can inside my home!  There are so many beautiful choices of faux florals and greenery to choose from so it’s pretty darn easy to create just about any type of arrangement, display, etc.  Of course, we’d all like to go with fresh flowers all the time, but not only is that expensive but short-lived.

I thought I’d show some different variations of spring décor that I use in my home and one that I found on Instagram.  If they’re not already pre-made, I always try and find décor that is inexpensive and easy to make.

Vintage Country

I bought these faux plants that came in these cute, little rustic pots.  They came with the wooden tray/planter too.  How cute, right?  Not too expensive and easily transformed into other spring décor. Since this is sitting out in our sunroom, I wanted to add more of a vintage country vibe by adding some vintage décor I already had.  I added height to this display by placing the planter and plants on top of a vintage enamel wash tub.  The rust in the tub adds more vintage appeal and texture!  To bring out some of the blue color in the rusted cans, I placed some frosted old blue vintage bottles inside the tub and it looks perfect together.

Vintage country spring decor

Cottage Style

The term “cottage style” is one of my favorites! It is about the eclectic mix of soft colors, feminine florals, flea market and vintage finds along with new home furnishings and décor.  You really can’t go wrong with this style!

The spring décor I chose to illustrate this type of style is on our white fireplace mantle.  I used a box full of clear bottles and placed soft colored florals in each bottle.  Added some vintage fishing weights, a faux plant in a chippy terracotta pot, some other chipped  up pottery pieces and a new pic of hand painted flowers. What a mix of beautiful items all thrown together, right?  Yet, it works!  Plus, the reflection from the mirror adds a clean crisp look.

Cottage style spring decor

French County

When I think of French country décor, it usually involves a mix of rustic charm, distressed pieces of furniture or décor, colorful florals or greenery and oversized vintage wine bottles of any color.

I used a replica vintage rusted scale displaying bright yellow faux florals for a pop of color.  Since I wanted to dress it up more, I paired it with an old metal stool holding an oversized clear glass bottle.  Then, added some rather large stemmed colorful sunflowers to the bottle. It’s simple yet screams elegance with the different textures, colors and old world charm all combined together.

French country spring decor

The last photo I’m sharing came off of Instagram and I cannot remember who the photo was taken by.  Whoever it was, thank you for sharing!  I just love the simplicity!  I’m actually going to make a replica of this wreath!  It actually falls into all of the three categories I mentioned above and since I’m going to use faux florals/greenery, this one might be a keeper for all year!!

Grapevine babys breath wreath

Once again, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this!  I hope you find these ideas useful and inspire you to create your own beauty!




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