Today, I thought I’d share one of my favorite pieces from my home! You may ask, why is it one of your favorites?  Okay, I’ll tell you!!  First of all, it’s easy to make.  It can be made with any type of wood, bottles and florals!  Secondly, it’s budget friendly.  If you don’t have a desired wooden box, you can use scraps of wood or buy some cheap since you don’t need that much; any old bottles you may have or you can acquire rather inexpensively at a flea market; and fresh or faux flowers, whatever your preference.  Of course, hand picked flowers will be the cheapest route to go but Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s and Michael’s all have great sales on their faux florals from time to time and they look pretty darn real.  And lastly, it’s functional for any type of  look you’re going for.  I prefer utilizing bottles of different heights to add dimension and interest to the display.  It’s fun to change up the look too by using colored bottles or mixing clear with color.  It’s your art, have fun with it and most importantly, make it your own!

I use this décor quite often as a centerpiece on different types of tables.  In the picture below, I used it as a centerpiece for my vintage trunk located in our sun room.  It’s the perfect length for the trunk and it adds a rustic, country vibe to go along with the room’s theme.  I also mix it up from time to time and put it on our fireplace mantle to add some height to the rest of my décor.

Functional and budget friendly centerpiece.jpg

This centerpiece would also look great by “substituting” the florals with candles.  Again, I like to go with different candle heights!  Or you could have florals and candles mixed together.  Another great feature of using a boxed centerpiece is being able to fill in the box with whatever your heart desires!  It all depends on the look you’re hoping to achieve.

Most importantly, have fun with your décor.   Don’t be afraid to try new things!  So many times, I have missed out on something because I didn’t think something would look good mixed together.  You would be surprised how often it does!  Get your vision and go for it!!!


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