Your dining table centerpieces set the mood for everyday living, a special event or during specific holidays!  Since it is the focal point for your dining room or kitchen tables, the perfect centerpiece choice can seem a bit overwhelming sometimes.

A centerpiece for everyday living would best be played as “less is more”!  I know this style is my favorite because I like to change things around quite often and it is usually more budget friendly!!   During a specific holiday, it might be dressed up a little more and a special event such as a baby shower will usually be theme oriented.

My current formal dining room table centerpiece is very simple but it goes nicely with our “modern farmhouse” style!  I used a vintage dough bowl as my focal point of the centerpiece arrangement and then placed vintage looking candlesticks on each end of the dough bowl.  I have a long table so the dough bowl itself wasn’t enough to take up the space needed to have a balanced look.  Since it is almost spring, I threw some faux florals and greenery into the bowl which adds a pop of color and the country charm I was wanting!  A great thing about using dough bowls as a centerpiece, it’s easy to change what you put in the bowl and you can achieve different looks rather easily and inexpensively!  I put the florals and greenery just the one side as I wanted to give the look that they were just picked and laid in the bowl.


I’ll be posting more ideas and pics of spring centerpieces throughout the week but hope this has given you a great start to your centerpiece choice!



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