Who’s ready for spring?  I am, I am!  We haven’t even had a bad winter but I’m still ready for fresh flowers, the smell of freshly cut grass, and my favorite…Bradford Pear and Dogwood trees blossoming into their full beautiful glory!

Even though, it hasn’t been officially declared spring, I am loving adding”touches of spring” to my home.  Anymore with the beautiful faux florals that are available and their realistic appearance, it’s now easier than ever to make beautiful spring like wreaths, centerpieces, bouquets and adding floral pieces to your favorite décor pieces.  Faux florals can get pretty expensive if you are using a lot of them but anymore, stores like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and Joanne’s have great sales and their faux products are pretty fabulous!

A great way to display greenery in your home is mixing it with copper or galvanized metal buckets, baskets or kettles.  These metals really make the greenery “pop” and it’s a great contrast.

Metals and greenery

Another cute, creative way to bring spring into your home is to use a wreath as a base around a glass jar or something similar.  It looks great as a centerpiece on a dining room table.

wreath around glass vase

vintage look with faux florals

In this picture, I wanted a farmhouse look so I added some dried faux flowers to an old vintage seed box and paired it with a vintage copper tea kettle.  I love the mix of old and new but old and old is good too!






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