The first tip I can give, is do not be intimated by an empty wall space!  It is the perfect canvas for your creative ideas and a way to display your favorite items at the same time.

The picture below is the wall in my family room and it is very long!  At first, I was intimidated because of the length and my thought process was how was I ever going to make this room look inviting and cozy!  Whenever I decorate, I always have a vision in my mind but getting it to play out sometimes is a different story.  It can be very frustrating and then I make the mistake of “having to have it done now” and just settle for basically throwing something up on the wall and seeing if it sticks.  Do you ever do that?  How many nail holes are there and where I can place this or that to cover up something that I didn’t really want there in the first place.

So learning from my mistakes, I now make a template (usually on my floor) of how I’m going to arrange items and how they will aesthetically look together.  I usually try and use different shapes, textures and styles (i.e., new and vintage) mixed together!  I always start with my focal point of the décor and work around that.  It really depends on your personal style and the look you are wanting to achieve.  Once you have your template in order and are happy with the outcome, it’s time to start hanging!  Always make sure to measure your wall so your items are balanced and use a level so they’re straight.

Wall Decorating Tips


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